About ME


My name is Mackenzie Dougherty and I live in the NoHo neighborhood of New York City with my boyfriend David Driscoll and without the black lab puppy he claims we will “eventually” own (Beaux is the current “eventual” name).

On March 15 of this year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a surreal few weeks of trying to process what a breast cancer diagnosis would actually mean for my life, some thing incredible happened: I forgot I had cancer!

David and I had treated ourselves to Sunday morning brunch around the corner at his favorite restaurant in our hood, Bar Primi. We were strolling home, and I looked at David with a big smile and half kidding said, “I forgot I have cancer!”  It may sound weird but, it was the first time in weeks - from the scans, the biopsy, the results, and the wash of doctors appointments - that I had felt myself let go of it all for a few minutes.

That is why I created this space: to share my story, and remind myself to focus on the positive moments as I take this journey and everything it will bring with it.

My goal is to forget I have cancer until I don’t have it all!